K-P-O? To go or not to go?

Juicy and Delicious and the Tummyrubs took a little trip down to the pub round the corner – KPO, for Juicy’s pre-birthday makan-makan. 


Having "grown up" on a healthy diet of chilli con carne, fish and chips and calamari rings at Dubliner’s as well as pork cubes, wasabi prawns and mini burgers at Bar-Stop, the gang considers themselves pub grub connoisseurs of sorts!

So does KPO tantilise their collective tastebuds?

On the menu:

– Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice

– Hokkien Mee

– Sir Roti John

– Nasi Lemak

– The Burger

So, what did they think?

Thumbs up!  They’ll be back for more!

Happy Birthday juicyjuleswei!

1 Killiney Road
Singapore 239518

Tel: 6733 3648

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  1. […] n the blurring of lines between restaurants and music joints. the surprising quality of food at kpo n stereolounge were perhaps two of the top food highlights for me this year. who would’ve thought […]

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