zhou’s kitchen, tung lok group

the search for a family dinner venue is always rather stressful – u need to think of a place that would appeal to e oldies, e young ‘uns n all the in-betweens, n yet be affordable enough for a group meal at the same time.

zhou’s kitchen at square 2, novena offers a pretty compelling solution to this problem. with 10 set menus to choose from (for anything from 1 up to 10 people per set), private dining room options n a sound system in case u need to play the classic o.b. “happy bersh-hday” song clearly recorded in english by taiwanese singers.

it’s not the poshest place if that’s what u’re looking for. it’s a bit more clean-cut, casual dining but the smart and modern decor makes up for it. just be prepared for the headache if u can’t deal with screaming children – the acoustics in the restaurant are pretty harsh, u’d probably be able to hear a pin drop.

foodwise, i was truly impressed. great value for money at $238++ for 8 persons and at pretty generous portions no less.

all dishes were consistently good – from peking duck with pancakes to crispy prawn with oats to my favourite staple, ee fu noodles – the table just cldn’t stop going on about how good everything was.

title or description
peking duck

what i really loved were the fujian style meat rolls – juicy, crispy n tasty but not too salty – and the chilli crab with mantou. who knew a casual chinese diner like this would serve good chilli crab? n the portions weren’t small either.

title or description
chilli crab looove

title or description
oatmeal prawn with fujian style meat roll

definitely b for bagus here, but if there were a B+ in our ratings system i’d give it a B+!

title or description

the menu we ordered:

Tasty Menu 6

Roast Beijing Duck served with Pancakes

Double-boiled Spring Chicken stuffed with
Eight Treasures and topped with Cabbage

Crispy Prawn with Oats and
“Fujian” Style Meat Rolls

Braised Sea Bass with Sour Pickled
Cabbage in Small Wok

Braised Mushrooms with Spinach Beancurd
and Vegetables

Chilli Crab served with Deep-fried Buns

Braised Ee-fu Noodles with
Shredded Roast Duck and Preserved Vegetables

Mango Soft Rolls and Red Bean Pancake

八位用 $ 238 ++
Good for 8 persons

Zhou’s Kitchen @ Square 2 10 Sinaran Drive #01-73 Singapore 307506 Tel: 6893 1123 Fax: 6397 6474

– juicy

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photo courtesy of zhou’s kitchen

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