delicious n i were really excited when ming suggested doing a juicy & delicious special as part of his yawn series. we were more than happy to be part of this cool project, n only asked for one favour in return – for ming to take some fun shots of us at well. i have … Continue reading

the $20 cherry tomato dare

juicy’s sister dared her to eat an entire cherry tomato – one of juicy’s top 5 most dreaded things to eat. it wasn’t worth the $20.

Outstanding sushi?

Before juicy opens another can of whoopass on me, here’s our long overdue overview of everyone’s favourite city centre hole-in-the-wall, Standing Sushi Bar (SSB) ! After another gruelling day in the office, I was glad that SSB was just a convenient hop-skip and jump away in the heart of Raffles Place.  It wasn’t as difficult … Continue reading

juicyndelicious workout tip #4: playing fetch with chrissy the doggeh

chrissy the doggeh loves playing fetch but doesn’t get the concept that she has to give the ball back to u before u can go on to the next round. juicy had a total workout just trying to extract the ball from chrissy’s mouth!

Serve Them Well – A Commentary by Tay Kay Chin

This post first appeared at mySingapore.sg, thanks Kay Chin for letting us share this with other foodfans! —Being a typical Singaporean, I often talk about food while actually eating. And it doesn’t help that I am surrounded by friends who are like me. And being mostly optimists, we often talk about the next meal, and … Continue reading