delicious n i were really excited when ming suggested doing a juicy & delicious special as part of his yawn series.

we were more than happy to be part of this cool project, n only asked for one favour in return – for ming to take some fun shots of us at well.

i have to say… yawning on demand is seriously a lot harder than you think. 15 minutes into the shoot, neither of us felt a yawn come on yet. ming tried his best to get us in the mood with the right (sleep-inducing) music, but to no avail. thankfully he was patient enough, n these are some of the shots that came through.

the yawns:

my favourite - nice effect featuring our almost-symmetrical bobs

this particular pose turned out looking really dodgy for some reason

lying down made it harder to yawn!

the fun ones:

delicious n i agree - this shot just sums up our signature expressions

our greedy faces

story of my life

it was fun… we’re definitely doing this again soon. thanks ming, for putting up with these two clowns!

– juicy

8 Responses to “yawn.”
  1. Mang says:

    Ohmigod. In the first coupla shots, I thought ya’ll were nekkid!

  2. Raudhah says:

    The photos are really nice. πŸ™‚ nice meeting u ladies that day.

  3. nice meeting u too raudhah! thanks for ur patience n sorry for keeping u so late!

  4. steffashee says:

    those shots def look like the del and jules i love and miss πŸ˜›

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