recipes wanted: birthday picnic!

the folks casually mentioned one day during dinner how much they love the botanic gardens, n how cool it’d be to do a picnic there one of these evenings. with mom’s birthday coming up in mid november, i suggested we do a picnic birthday party at the botanics!

the folks r excited, but now the sister n i kenna arrowed to prepare everything. the problem is i love to eat n enjoy my food but i’m not experienced in the kitchen. n this wld be a great chance to try out new recipes that include more appetizers, tapas, sharing portion type dishes.

so i’m asking for ur help! are there any easy-to-do recipes that would be suitable for a picnic menu? drop me a comment please, and thank u in advance!

– juicy

can't we just show up n eat?

11 Responses to “recipes wanted: birthday picnic!”
  1. oldskoolmark says:

    I wish this came out sooner!!

    For those who can’t cook, bread with olive oil, lemonade or wine and sushi easy stuff.

  2. heh, did u make the sushi urself? wine makes everything taste betta!

  3. cherbie says:

    is this for auntie siew noi! go get: brie, baguette, some wine and or apple cider, tomatoes, prosciutto or spicy salami, some pitted olives, and ice cold soda, and you’re set. if you’re ambitious, you might wanna make a nice refreshing salad. taboulei or a fruit salad will go fantastic.

    of course, don’t forget to pack a cake, candles, and maybe some handheld battery operated fans (it is singapore afterall).

    (ps: welcome to wordpress!!)

    ❤ c

  4. Daniel says:

    Here’s Esther’s recipe for meatballs, which are easy to pack and perfect for sharing. Just bring ketchup, mustard, and cranberry preserve if you can find some.

  5. YUMMMY. that looks good, and not too complicated! i can even pack the pasta separately to serve with.

  6. stand4sushi says:

    Steak tartar! Quite easy, just grind up a nice filet and throw in worcestershire sauce, tabasco, a bit of mayo, a couple raw eggs, chopped onions, garlic, and random herbs at your liking. (Of course you can find many more recipes for this online). Put in a chilled container, bring to the picnic and it makes for a nice appetizer. I made it once for a birthday picnic at the Botanics!

  7. ok that sounds like a nice appetizer to go with the strawberry n spinach salad! thank u!

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