Juicyndelicious.TV ep 1 trailer – bonchon crispy chicken

juicyndelicious.tv ep 1 coming soon to a wordpress blog near u!

ep 1 scoop trailer: 4fingers bonchon crispy chicken

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for now… just a quick coupla words about our scoop on the latest fried chicken joint to hit our shores. 4fingers bonchon, located at ion shopping centre basement at the food hall, is a newly-launched standing-concept eatery featuring what singapore has come to know as ‘korean fried chicken’.

a fried chicken franchise originally from new york and korea, this is the first n only outlet in singapore. the highlight of the menu is of course, the fried chicken, cooked in two delicious ways. soy and garlic style, which has a famliar, home-cooked taste and spicy style, which is yums for ppl who love their chicken with a kick.  

IMG_4272a chicken in a basket

what’s most memorable about this fried chicken is the skin – it is so crispy n so light it feels like it’s lifted off the meat. it’s almost like the flour-coated skin absorbs the garlic soy sauce n fluffs up when fried.

a basket of chicken also comes served with fries n kimchi coleslaw, which is a nice asian twist on the usual fast-food coleslaw. pricing wise, it ain’t cheap tho. there are a few options depending on how many pcs of chicken u want – but on average it comes up to about slightly over a dollar for each chicken wing – n they r by no means buffalo wings.

IMG_4217a bon chon fries

what’ll be interesting which we didn’t get to try is the katsu sandwich with kimchi coleslaw, as well as the nasi lemak bon chon style (they have a breakfast menu). 

we’ll be back!

11 Responses to “Juicyndelicious.TV ep 1 trailer – bonchon crispy chicken”
  1. steph says:

    hey babes, the chicken looks divine! love your new blog look and the channel. will go try this soon!

  2. Citygent says:

    Loves the new channel. More is better :o)

  3. cherbie says:

    OMG BONCHON CHICKEN IS IN SINGAPORE!! ?? !!!!! yummay. we are totally making it a pit stop when we’re next in SG!!!

  4. cherbie says:

    yes i likes it!! eh unfortunately, no. but that’s something on my recipe wish list. can’t believe u gals got a whole channel thing going on. nice work!

  5. Derrick says:

    nice & fun design template! bright and cheery! makes me wanna eat everything you review!

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