the most important meal of the day

When I was a child, my grandma used to insist that I have breakfast everyday, no matter how early or how grumpy I was.

My earliest memory of breakfast was probably when I was about 4 – dipping toast into a warm and comforting mixture of runny half-boiled eggs and dark soya sauce, accompanied by a glass of cold milk (in my favourite strawberry shortcake glass). It didn’t seem as much of a luxury then as it does now!

My mother was as passionate about giving me the right start and would take great pains to find all the tastiest breakfast treats. This included the original An Pans from the now defunct Yaohan at Parkway Parade, Shipham’s meat spread on wholemeal Gardenia bread and of course bread and La Vache Qui Rit. To this day, I can’t eat cheese spread on white bread, I had that every day for a solid year when I was 8!

In the last nine (almost 10) years of working life, I’ve discovered the joy of a truly Singaporean breakfast – economy bee hoon with a fried egg and a slice of deep fried luncheon meat, mee rebus with the perfect boiled egg, crispy sardine epok epok and of course, masala dosai! There’s nothing like oily carbs to give you a headstart and pump you up to face the world!

Singapore style Bak Kut Teh with a clear stock

Since changing my last name to Tan-Seet in late June, I’ve also been inducted into the Seet family roundtable – benefits include an occasional Bak Kut Teh breakfast with the in-laws at a delightfully old school coffee shop at Owen Road. Tender pork ribs in a clear stock, served with an assortment of side dishes including, liver in a clear stock, stewed pork in black sauce, salted vegetables and cripsy crullers to be dunked in gravy – a treat for the whole family!

The tasty sidedishes - thrilling!

What’s your favourite breakfast?


14 Responses to “the most important meal of the day”
  1. Chelley says:

    Other than the locak Singapore Breakfast of kaya toast and eggs, I really like to make my own Breakfast. On a weekday, I like to have egg and toast or homemade pancakes. I actulaly just blogged on it today! Do take a look at my weblog, babes. =)

  2. Great minds think alike! Thanks for stopping by, Chelley!

  3. Mang says:

    My earliest memories of brekkies – more like nightmares. Every morning, that runny egg with soya sauce, resulting in a massive stand-off, a forced swallow and then a great big spew. Until the doc told my parents that I am allergic to egg. Gah.

    After that, bliss… 🙂 Char siew pau, chai tow kway, oily noodle (your economy noodle), nasi lemak, prata, bacon-and-ketchup on toast… oh, yummilicious!

    • Ok ur ketchup on french toast was seriously weird. N maybe if u give eggs another shot now u’ll discover u may no longer b allergic. Ppl outgrow these things! – juicy

      • Mang says:

        I’ve found that I can eat egg if it’s very well fried – almost chaotah, then no problem. Still can’t stomach runny or hardboiled eggs or cakey. Ketchup is King lah!

  4. steph says:

    some days, bakuteh, some days Hotcakes from MacDs 🙂 didnt know u were married dear! congrats!

  5. Binny says:

    Oh man, the ultimate SG breakfast combi would be beach road prawn mee + runny eggs + kaya toast + kopi si!

    Due to geographical/cultural differences here, the next best thing would be a homemade grandslam on a weekend….Cheese omelet + bacon + cherry tomatoes + freshly brewed esspresso. (Tip for coffee lover/aspiring barrista: I love the milk wand from IKEA, now I use it to foam milk for my latte!)

  6. Weijian says:

    Aww…… YAOHAN AN PAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I really miss it – nothing comes close. When I was in Tokyo, I was trawling the food halls trying to find something that reminded me of those fabled An Pans… no luck 😦

      That said, I did find a really great black bean bun at the Takashimaya Food Hall in Shinjuku!

      – delicious

  7. peek-a-boo says:

    2 bakchangs,a kachang cake,some mee rebus and and several eee chow kuays…………lol just kidding.
    I know breakfast is thee most important meal of the day but I can’t swallow anything in the morning except coffee.However when the moon’s blue and I get a craving I tend to love scones or brioche with salted butter and strawberry jam.I get sent kaya sometimes and I love it with a warm brioche while sharing my Nespresso with George Clooney…Ahem.

  8. u’re making me hungry. it’s funny, but some people either have a sweet tooth or savory tooth for breakfast. like i really prefer a nasi lemak, bee hoon, mushroom crostini or bacon n eggs for brekkie over cereal, jams or cakes. the only exception i’d make for a sweet breakfast is WAFFLES. i love my waffles! – juicy

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