weekend madness

delicious n i’ve had a really busy weekend so far, mainly in prep for juicyndelicious TV – a vodcast of our food shenanigans that we’re hoping to roll out on a regular basis from next week. woot! it’s been exciting shooting the first few episodes n segments. scripting, learning to strike a fine balance between our banter/dialogue n talking to the camera, n most importantly trying not to look like complete idiots while doing so (i mean delicious, heheh).

case in point

things r really shaping up n we really have our ‘producer’ n slave driver @mikefoong to thank – for steering us in the right direction, working so hard on this project n for putting up with our malaysian jokes (we love you mike).

we had a few interesting shoots this weekend – one of us introducing the whole concept of juicyndelicious tv n the various segments, n also a blind taste test between the ultimate choc cake rivals lana cake n awfully chocolate! the results were pretty interesting – our brave volunteers including @liruchan wld attest to that.


(L-R) the couch potato n our blind taste test victims

our client samsung also invited us on saturday to a food blogger photography session hosted by a very talented n nice gentleman named raymond. the session started off at the flagship store at vivocity n ended up with a hands-on session n lunch at the garden slug, a really cute n quirky little cafe located at telok kurau that serves up a menu of what the owners consider comfort food. the mashed potatoes were pretty good, n we also discovered a new way of eating a brownie – on a stick, popsicle style! who wld’ve thought?


(L-R) the teacher demonstrates n delicious hams it up with @mhisham n @mikefoong

we also visited the tampines round market where @elestilo a.k.a. the big biscuit, who grew up in the area, brought us on a food trail on the gems you can find here for the ultimate breakfast! from carrot cake to lor mee to soya bean, this meal really epitomized the amount we (over)ate this weekend. BURP. if we’re gonna be doing this regularly, delicious n i really need to get the concept of ‘tasting’ portions. we can’t help ourselves!!



something not quite right about the diner-to-food ratio

5 Responses to “weekend madness”
  1. Daniel says:

    Interestingly, Sunday Times today had an article out about the Tampines round market!

  2. kopibren says:

    Looking professional, guys. Good luck!

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