frankly my beer

i’m in no way a connoisseur of beer like these boys. the only two things i’ve learnt about beer are: #1, the feeling of ice-cold, crisp golden ale running down your parched throat on a hot n humid singaporean evening is amazing and #2, free flow is always a good thing.

so rai had to drag me kicking n screaming to a kronenbourg launch party at KPO yesterday evening where they were serving up free bottles of kronenbourg blanc n 1664. recently acquired by carlsberg in the past year, kronenbourg is the leading french beer which has been brewed in france since… well, 1664.


hello, 1664

i’ve been drinking kronenbourg for quite a while now as they’ve been serving it up at all imaginings outlets – i.e. balaclava, wala wala, KPO n barstop. if you’re a hoegaarden lover, you should really try the kronenbourg.

i like my beer fruity – n the kronenbourg blanc in particular has a really tasty, fruity fragrance that isn’t as bold as the hoegaarden. plus it’s really smooth n easy-to-drink n absolutely liquid gold when well-chilled. it is very lively n refreshing – perfect for our weather – n, i think, a pretty gd option for the ladies who may like their beers a bit lighter. check it out sometime!

– juicy


we likey our kronenbourg

4 Responses to “frankly my beer”
  1. jy says:

    I LOVE the kronenbourg blanc!!! 😉

  2. peek-a-boo says:

    The girl is lovely…the beer’s great cold…the guy’s HOT!!!

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