home cooking…

I’ve always loved fussing around in the kitchen. Nothing thrills me more than the scent of rempah (spice paste) being tumis (fried till fragrant), the sound of a hardworking pestle and mortar and of course, the sizzle of a hot wok.

I guess started to cook seriously out of necessity, when I was at Uni, far from home and craving the flavoursome delights of the exotic east. (heh, sorry I couldn’t help myself!) I used count down to 5pm when I would have an excuse to take a break from the books to pitch in with the dinner preparations (while watching Seinfeld reruns on Channel Nine). Believe it or not, I still have the scars to prove it!

So naturally, I was really excited about kitting out our very first Tan-Seet kitchen earlier this year, with help from both our moms (wmf pots and pans) and my cousin Eleanor (all the crockery and cutlery we could ever want and more!). However, because of our manic schedules and the fact that the hubs thinks that the clean-up is too much work, the flirty apron Binny and Jiagen bought me from gopherland is sitting forlornly in my bottom drawer!

My lonely, neglected apron...

That’s the main reason why I’m looking forward to the D-I-Y segment on juicyndelicioustv! We’re gonna have some friends over to show juicy and I how to whip up the tastiest treats with minimal stress!

Do you cook? How do you find the time and do you have any quick and tasty recipes to share?

– delicious

2 Responses to “home cooking…”
  1. cherbie says:

    yes, yes, and yes! i just haven’t got much time to catalog them. and now bryan and i take turns to cook. it usually takes us about an hour to whip up a meal. stir fries are super easy to do. we’ve found recently that the following ingredients really make any meat + veg stir fry dish tasty:

    sesame oil
    dried chilies
    sze chuan (sichuan) peppercorns
    a hint of sambal chili paste
    soy sauce
    scallions (green onions)

    for non asian dishes, pasta def. does it for us. quick and simple. my favorite is seafood in white wine + thyme + basil + butter (or margarine) + diced tomatoes + cheese.

    man, this talk of food is making my stomach growl. at 10pm.

  2. delicious says:

    I’m a lover of sesame oil! I’d add it to anything, given half the chance!
    you’re right about pasta but carbs are eevil. I think I need to start thinking of adding more wholegrain to our diet…

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