the great indoor picnic

groceries = $100
cake = $30
mom’s reaction to a birthday picnic lovingly prepared by her daughters = priceless


happy camper

thank you to everyone who responded to our call for picnic recipes previously. in the end, i selected about 5 recipes to try out, 3 of which were from comments posted on the above-mentioned entry.


(L-R) the assistant chef; the essential picnic basket

we’d initially intended to spend mom’s picnic birthday out at the botanic gardens, but unfortunately the weather worked against us so we had to stay indoors. but that didn’t stop us from still having our picnic dinner!

here are three recipe highlights from our lovely friends / readers that were an absolute hit. if i can do it, anybody can do it! try them out some time!

#1: spinach n strawberry salad thanks to cheryl aka cherbie.

mom really liked this one ‘cos she’s big on salads. who would’ve thought strawberry n spinach would make such a smashing combination? at first i was a bit worried ‘cos the dressing was slightly on the bland side, but once we mixed it in it became clear why – the natural juice from the strawberries really brought the rest of the dressing ingredients to life. added a sweet note to the otherwise savory menu of items.


spinach n strawberry salad

#2: deviled eggs, as suggested by victoria aka gastronommy.

this was the sister’s n the boyfriend’s favourite – the best part is it was soo easy to do! it’s got that party hit potential as well – tasty, satisfying finger food at its best. n there r so many variations to deviled eggs; you could go as spicy as you want to!


deviled eggs

#3: not very swedish meatballs from dan and esther

my dad’s favourite of the evening, which we served as the main. it was yummy but to be honest i don’t think we did this recipe justice. it’s one of those things where the balance of ingredients is soo crucial – it turned out just a lil’ saltier than it should’ve been. but we made up for it by serving it with jam. again there r so many ways to possibly serve this – with or without sauce, with pasta, with a side of jam n potatoes. the possibilities r endless n again, so easy to do!


not very swedish meatballs

another recipe contributed by one of my best friends is really as simple as it gets. a nice, tangy appetizer to go alongside your salad. button mushrooms with thinly-sliced onions, a dash of lemon juice n tobasco sauce. also on the side were the usual picnic favourites: cheese n crackers, tortilla chips with salsa dip, n of course good wine.

all in all, a fantastic evening in with the family. mom said it was one of her favourite birthdays ever – n she’s relieved that her daughters can actually cook if they wanted to! perhaps it was just a fluke.


the great indoor picnic

– juicy

11 Responses to “the great indoor picnic”
  1. Cool idea and yummy food with great company ! Happy Birthday Auntie !

  2. steph says:

    oh wow! i got to try the strawberry spinach salad! 🙂

  3. Yingyun says:

    Looks great babe! I’m salivating at the sight of those meatballs…

    Haha, now your mum can safely marry her 2 daughters off!

  4. cherbie says:

    happpy birthday, auntie siew noi! and i’m glad y’all enjoyed the strawberry spinach salad. speaking of which…i might make it sometime this week! the other dishes looked delish, too!

  5. adrian says:

    When it comes to food (and most other things) Victoria’s advice is rarely amiss. What can I say, she has good taste.

  6. chelley says:

    I’m loving this indoor picnic idea! It is so cool!! The spread looks really yummy too!!

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