the perfect foodie gift!

Tis the season to be jolly and I’m sure that like us, you’ve been invited to a host of parties.  I guess that’s also when the headache starts – what to wear and most importantly, what to bring!

tis the season to make merry!

Potluck parties aside, you want to make sure you bring something that’ll be enjoyed by your host and the other guests as well.  A bottle of wine or some chocolate or fruit is always nice, but I must say, dessert is almost always welcomed most warmly! (PS. if you choose to bring ice cream, make sure the other guests aren’t brand conscious, your Walls’ ice cream might go uneaten!)

if only this we could have this for brunch everyday!

Most recently, we were lucky enough to be invited to share in the joy of my Secondary School classmate’s little bundle of joy.  This was a late brunch party where we were treated to great pizza and antipasto from Bella Pizza. The wonderful hubs was kind enough to accede to the request for his classic Terrormisu. Despite the fact that he had a really rough week and had to work through the weekend, he spent a little time whipping up this tasty little treat.

only the best for ed's kahlua-loaded Terrormisu

The main reason why his tiramisu is so “terror” is that he doesn’t hold back when it comes to ingredients. He doesn’t just pick the ingredients that’ll ensure the best possible outcome, he makes sure that he’s very generous with the Kahlua and coffee! So yes, he’s a man with a plan!

he makes it look so simple!

The recipe is very simple, italian sponge fingers soaked in a mixture of kahlua, espresso (we didn’t have any so we used Nescafe Gold Blend this time) and sugar, topped with decadent mascapone whipped with full cream milk and finally dusted with cocoa powder. The result – a rich, decadent treat!

So what do you usually bring to a party, any new recipes to share?

– delicious

2 Responses to “the perfect foodie gift!”
  1. cherbie says:

    i brought these last time and they were a big hit. so simple to make and, more importantly, get right!

    my husband “gently” reminds me all the time to make ’em…

    they definitely taste better than it looks in that photo.

  2. delicious says:

    Hi Cherbie,
    That sounds absolutely delish! do you find that savoury treats are as well received? i’ve got a sweet tooth so I always volunteer to bring dessert!

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