all the fuss about

You’ve seen the trailer, you’ve heard us go on and on about the latest food adventures we’ve been on, you’ve listened to us whine about @mikefoong

Well here it is! Welcome to juicyndelicious tv! Here’s our quick introduction to juicyndelicious tv ahead of the launch of our first ep this Thursday afternoon. We hope you’ll keep watching!

– delicious

4 Responses to “all the fuss about”
  1. peek-a-boo says:

    I’m on a late lunch break here as I write this but I’ll be subscribing when I get home from work tonight. Sounds fun. Catchya later girls.

    Jean from France

  2. delicious says:

    Hi Jean,
    Great to hear from you! We’re working hard (actually our Producer, Mike is… ) our first episode where we’ll showcase some mouthwatering Singapore delights – watch this space on Thursday!

  3. candice y.tay says:

    “juicy n delicious” — very catchy tune!

    can’t wait to watch the first episode. you go, girls!

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