Happy Birthday Timbre

Besides my lovely mother, local live music venue Timbre also celebrated its 4th birthday this weekend – at the Substation on Friday and Timbre Mobile (aka T4) on Saturday. The success of the Timbre chain of venues has been pretty resounding in the local music scene and it has become somewhat of a de facto location for live music if u’re looking for somewhere to chill out, have a coupla drinks or dinner.

Most recently, everyone has been buzzing about its cool new outdoor venue, Timbre Mobile at the East Coast Park; and I finally got to check it out this weekend. I have to say, I love it. Same concept, same great bar food, but located on a nice, vast piece of land away from the city. The concept is pretty interesting – apparently this has been constructed as a mobile facility which will serve as a roving venue, which explains the container-like structures and wood plank flooring. Can’t wait to find out where it’ll be heading next.


Timbre Mobile Next to East Coast Park Carpark C1

Amidst the weekend celebrations, we caught up with Timbre’s Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder Danny Loong on his thoughts on reaching this 4-year milestone.

1) It’s been 4 years. Did timbre turn out the way you expected it to? Or has it evolved into something quite different?

Yes, it has. With respect to the music scene, we have Singapore bands playing nightly and we see them developing as artists and musicians with an increasing database of fans. Singapore bands are now mentioned more in the media, becoming radio hosts, and playing music is now a cool career. So, on a holistic level, Timbre has helped, to an extent, change the look and feel of the music scene and inspire music appreciation amongst Singaporeans. One of our main objectives was also to present performances which are non-mainstream, such as blues, jazz and folk, so that Timbre audiences could enjoy and be introduced to other forms of music, thus expanding their own musical horizons.

In this regard, Timbre’s concept has not changed. However, we are continually introducing new ideas and initiatives to progress this process, since the formation of Timbre Music Academy and Timbre Music, our events and marketing subsidiary.


(L-R) Athif, Goodfellas; Brian, West Grand Boulevard

2) In the 4 years of timbre, what have been the three biggest highlights for you?

i) That we still have Timbre @ The Substation! Well, the first venue always reminds me on my roots and to maintain the timbre concept no matter what happens. Sometimes we ought to go back to the beginning of the journey to gather our thoughts for the future.

ii) Playing with Ublues at the East Coast Blues and Roots festival at Byron Bay, Australia in 2004 and 2009. This festival was awarded internationally as one of the world’s best festival and Ublues represented Singapore and is still the only Asian act ever to perform at the festival, and we performed alongside musicians like James Brown, Jason Miraz and many other. I hope to see more Singapore bands representing at such festivals; that will help the further development of Singapore music.

iii) The success of Beerfest Asia 2009 was pivotal for us in expanding into other business segments such as lifestyle events and technology start-ups.

3) If you could change one thing about timbre what would it be?

I can’t actually think of anything. I’m pretty satisfied. Perhaps if there was one minor thing, it would be that we present more indie and original artists.

4) What are your thoughts on the local live music scene today vs 4 years ago?

I was a full time musician for 8 years from 2000 and the live music scene has improved drastically compared to then. There are more bars to perform at, bands/musicians are more pro-active about self-marketing and management, there are more original releases and many of them have found effective related jobs such as radio hosting and production. There are also more bands involved in advertising campaigns and that is corporate recognition of a more positive perception of local musicians – that more people do take notice when they see their face associated with a brand.

5) What’s your favourite item on the timbre food menu and why?

Cod Papilotte, which is seasoned cod fish fish fillet marinated in fish broth, white wine and herbs, wrapped in foil and oven baked, and is available at Timbre Mobile at East Coast Park. I love the taste and how the wine and herbs work so well to bring out its fresh flavours.

Note from Juicy: If you love Timbre’s pizza, you can also now order home delivery by calling  63522622.


Love is 1/2 roast duck n 1/2 beef n onions

6) What’s next for timbre?

Well, we are launching Timbre Music Academy – Inspiring the “Live” in Music. This is our first step into Music Education. The main objective is to teach and encourage our students to think and perform like Live Musicians, and all our instructors are experienced musicians with extensive live music experience. The students will be trained towards performing on a timbre stage at any of the 4 outlets at some stage and that’s our unique selling point – a school with 4 possible live music venues.


Danny (left) with his crew at T4

So everyone’s probably been to Timbre at some point, and it also probably triggers certain memories. For me, the most memorable Timbre night was at the Substation last Christmas – it was Goodfellas rocking it out on stage, n for some reason all my loved ones were there – the sister, the boyfriend, the girly gang, the travelling buddies… it was one of the best Christmas celebrations I’ve had.

What’s your best Timbre memory?

– juicy

5 Responses to “Happy Birthday Timbre”
  1. Miss Glitzy says:

    Lovely pictures! I need to check out T4!

  2. Stephanie Wong says:

    I need to check this place out!

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