Soul Food

When you’ve had a really rough day and nothing seems to be going your way, there’s nothing like a HUGE slice of chocolate fudge cake to make everything right again!

That said, you also wanna make sure that that slice of cake is worth the calories – there’s nothing more disappointing than a biting into a sliver of what appears to be a mouthwatering delight to find that it’s dry, crumbly and worst of all, plasticky.

So, on this week’s episode of JuicyNDelicious TV, we’ve put two well-loved favourites to the test: The old skool, homestyle Lana Chocolate Fudge Cake made by Mrs Violet Kwan and an Awfully Chocolate Fudge Cake – arguably the best chocolate cakes in Singapore.

We would also like to introduce you to our newest Tummyrubs, Liru and Charlotte who will be making their debut on juicyndelicious tv. Even though Charlotte is new to Singapore, we figured that since she’s from the land down under, she’d know her chocolate cake! In the same way, Liru’s been raised on a birthday cake diet of Chocolate Fudge Cake so we reckon she’d be a good judge as well.

So which chocolate cake reigned supreme? Watch our latest episode to find out!

– delicious

9 Responses to “Soul Food”
  1. peek-a-boo says:

    LOL I had a fit of giggles like the rest of you!
    Been waiting for this since you announced it on Twitter where I’m following you.
    My BF was waiting to see the Victoria’s Secret’s new runway show but me… I was waiting for the Juicy & Delicious’s chocolate cake Taste-Off LOL!

    Nice job girls and guests!

  2. Mohd Hisham says:

    hehe nice. i love chocolate cakes too! 🙂

  3. Citygent says:

    Top End

    Great channel

    Well done, ladies – fun and involving – love the idea of food being about enjoyment instead of all the stuff I see on TV in the UK which is very snobby. Please keep going :o)

  4. enette says:


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