feelin’ december-ish

i was goin to write separate posts on the exciting new start-ups of two friends. n then when i sat down to get cracking, i realised that the two new entities actually rhyme – KRISH the restaurant and WISHonline.com.sg! (yes it is somewhat early on a saturday morning n i haven’t had my coffee yet).

so i decided to capture both in this entry. n it’s really timely for december if you’re looking for a new christmas dinner venue option, or if you’re searching for that perfect party dress to ring in the new year.


let’s start with food. last weekend the family checked out hot new restaurant KRISH, located at a beautiful two-storey colonial house at rochester park with a huge outdoor al fresco area. the recently opened restaurant is co-founded by nikhil n tika, two ex schoolmates who decided to take an entrepreneurial step in the direction of their love for food and art.

krish at 9 rochester park

n truly, everything about KRISH is a work of art. i hear it was designed by one of the guys who were involved in the new majestic project. n much like having a favourite room in a house, it is hard not to find a spot you can call your favourite at KRISH.

the main dining hall on the first floor has a very sensual, boudoir-like feel with warm lighting, mirrors n dark wood. look out for the very unique chandeliers hanging above you – they’re made out of glass bottles!

main dining hall, level 1

go up the red velvet carpet-lined stairs to the second floor and u’ll enter a very julia child inspired dining room. a much brighter color scheme with white windows, tables n walls is accentuated by lots of earthy props in the room including hanging plants, gardening tools lined along the walls, as well as a wall installation of kitchen crockery.

dining area on level 2

my personal favourite is the al fresco area. it’s a really luxurious space outside the house with a separate bar area, n a private tent area with loungey daybeds n cushions. the best part for boys? the tent features a few lcd tvs which were screening soccer when i was there on sunday nite.

al fresco area

food-wise, KRISH is A for Amazing in my books. i was a bit skeptical when i first heard about the concept, as i usually am about fusion food in general. but this was outstanding. i learned that chef matthew baker is what u’d call a meat expert, n this actually is pretty new ground for him – blending south asian spices with european techniques.

for starters, i had the pork belly tikka with tamarind, chilli rings and shaved red onion. the juiciness of the pork belly slices n the burst of flavour from the tamarind n chilli really made every mouthful an absolute delight. the sister really liked her spiced carrot ravioli, a very unique take on ravioli infused with a ginger emulsion. this is supposedly a crowd favourite. another noteworthy mention was mom’s smoked tomato and lentil soup, best enjoyed with some garlic bread on the side. n how could i forget the complimentary chapatis deep-fried with truffle oil? i couldn’t stop!

(L-R) pork belly tikka, smoked tomanto n lentil soup

the mains were just as interesting. my favourite of the night was the sister’s seared sea bass with couscous, chutney n beurre-blanc (come to think of it, the sister always picks the best dishes). the fish was fresh n the skin was crispy the way i like it, n the couscous was not what i expected. the grains were a lot broader n texturised, in fact it was more like risotto.

i quite enjoyed my tandoori chicken n my mother’s seared duck breast with tamarind, altho i thought the poultry was a little on the dry side. dad’s braised lamb shank was also fantastic, with a bit of a twist brought about by rogan josh spices. for all the lazy diners out there you’d be happy to know the lamb shank comes de-boned. it comes with a chickpea mash but u can also request for potato if u’re a potato-head like me.

(L-R)sea bass with couscous, seared duck breast

finally, dessert. as expected we were all stuffed but i knew i had to try something. tika recommended the sticky date pudding. awesome recommendation – it was a beautiful slice of heaven, not too crumbly but just enough to melt in your mouth, drizzled with an interesting gula melaka coffee sauce n a rather surprising scoop of darjeeling ice cream.

the rest of the family shared a few scoops of more interesting sorbets n ice cream – apple pie ice cream, lychee sorbet, mango curry sorbet n spiced red wine sorbet.  i’d skip the apple pie ice cream n spiced red wine, n go straight for the lychee n mango curry. i know it sounds weird, but it actually tasted really good n the aftertaste had bite, in a good way.

sticky date pudding

so yes, i say KRISH is A for Amazing n i can’t wait to see how they evolve the menu. i know i’ll be back!

you can view all pictures here.


speaking of sweet notes, last nite i attended the launch of wishonline, a new online shopping site for women’s wear, with focus on cocktail dresses. 

the brain child of angelina leong who designed all items on the catalogue, the shop kicks off with the theme ‘sweet notes of december’.

check it out if u’re looking for great party dresses. i’ve already added two items to my wish list, including this cute jacket.

sleek jacket

 happy december everyone!

– juicy

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    What I wanna know is, what’s that she’s holding? I think I want that.

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