baby, it’s cold outside…

So let’s have a nice warm bowl of noodles for lunch!

That’s clearly what the EdelTummyrubs – KK, Keith and Becks had in mind when we headed to the Orchard Cineleisure foodcourt for lunch a couple of weeks ago.

Being my unadventurous self I sought solace in a bowl of double boiled watercress soup with red dates while my more adventurous colleagues decided to give a new stall a go.

The stall serves up very authentic Northern Chinese noodles dishes according to Keith, who tucked into a steaming bowl of handmade noodles (which looked and tasted like the child of mee hoon kueh and kway teow, nice QQ consistency) in a clear broth with tomatoes and egg! I found the combination a little strange but Keith insists that it’s heartwarming…

Becks had a combination that I found easier to stomach – cubed pork and veggies, very tasty. The only thing a little strange was that it’s served with a room temperature soup that is most aptly described as “ribena-ey herbal tea” very interesting indeed, but certainly not my thing!

Last but not least, our sinophile KK, attempted a bowl of seemingly regular Ma La noodles but alas! He was overcome by the spicyness and wasn’t able to finish even half the bowl of noodles. A first for him. I had a taste of the gravy and my tongue was tingling for hours! okay, maybe 10 minutes…

That said, it’s always a pleasure to discover little lunchtime delights in our part of town, can’t wait for applebees to open at our office building! Yes, I am trashy that way!

What tasty, filling delights do you have for lunch?

– delicious

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