best of both worlds

have u ever wondered what ur favourite junk foods would taste like… together?

we test this very theory with two of our personal faves – tom yam pot noodles and peanut butter.

are you grossed out yet?

find out how it turns out and if anyone gets hurt, in this week’s episode of juicyndelicious TV.

– juicy

8 Responses to “best of both worlds”
  1. DK says:

    OK, sorry but I really must ask this question.

    Did you gals/guy lao sai the next day?

  2. peek-a-boo says:

    Interesting fushion.
    Would never have thought of it myself although I used luv peanut butter and jam sandwichs as a kid.
    Wll try it this weekend.Thnx for the idea!
    Nice to see cameraman Mike as guinea pig too lol!


  3. JS says:

    nice…but i think i’d not be able to stomach this dish. oh, del, i enjoyed your insightful comments.

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