I was just looking at my feeds and a recent list on the Huffington Post caught my eye. Entitled, “Magazines That Folded in 2009, Which Will You Miss“, the slideshow got me thinking about my consumption habits – of food magazines that is!

The Feb 1974 cover of Gourmet magazine, from Wikipedia. The 68-year-old magazine ceased publication in 2009.

Do you still read food magazines and are magazines still a source of recipes for you? I remember how my mother and grandmother used to clip recipes out of Her World, Singapore Women’s Weekly and more recently Simply Her. One recipe that stands out is a Sloppy Joe recipe that my mother copied from an edition of Australian Women’s Weekly in the 80s… it’s still a well-loved Tan favorite. In fact, I just served up a steaming pot of this tasty treat with hotdogs at a recent party, everyone still loves it!

So yeah, are you still clipping recipes out of lifestyle magazines or do you buy specialist mags like ABC’s Delicious?

Despite the fact that I love the web and all its fancy trimmings, I know I’ll always be a “hard-copy” girl… *flipflip*

– delicious

PS. If you’re keen to find out more about the closure of Gourmet, here’s a link to the HP story of why Conde Nast chose to close the well-loved publication.

2 Responses to “*flipflip*”
  1. Manndy says:

    I love clipping a whole lotta stuff, then organising it all and pasting it in a scrapbook at one go. 🙂

  2. oh wow. scrapbooking! how cool
    – delicious

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