music & chow asked us last week for our thoughts on food trends in 2010 as we cruise into the new year.

2009 has truly been the year of new start-ups appealing to the growing consumer demand for food experiences. we’ve seen this with the likes of  new concept restaurants like standing sushi bar n krish.

krish restaurant at one rochester

we’ve also seen new restaurants where ambience takes precedence. as delicious says, just take 2009 new entrants for example – wild honey, tippling club n fiftythree – the food might not be earth shattering but the experience is worth the dosh to most.

most noteworthy for me perhaps out of personal interest is the rise of bar food n the blurring of lines between restaurants and music joints. the surprising quality of food at kpo n stereolounge were perhaps two of the top food highlights for me this year. who would’ve thought hokkien mee n roti john at a bar could taste so good? or that a club could serve up such a delightful pulled pork sandwich?

stereolounge nosh

we’ve also seen timbre start delivering pizza – an extension of their food channel considering its raison d’etre is to feature n promote local live music artistes.

another new addition to this pool of music bars with a surprisingly decent food menu is new kid on the dempsey block CM-PB. no, not THAT cm-pb. this stands for contemporary melting-pot and bar.

the unofficially opened but fully operational bar is a brand new, cosy chill-out bar along the ben & jerry’s dempsey stretch featuring live music daily. rai is quite convinced that it could be THE next hub for acoustic music which has an ever-growing fanbase.


so look out for daily acts including zsa & claire (a unique femme duo which i love), ling kai, who shot to fame as a youtube sensation, and shili & adi, who are an up and coming duo with a wide repertoire of hit pop songs.

food-wise, it’s got a nice variety of local n western food n the plus is all-day breakfast, which is great for late risers or party folks.

if that isn’t enough to convince you, their happy hour must be one of the most extensive i’ve come across in singapore. happy hour is from opening ‘til 9pm for selected beers, spirits and wines at $7-$10 NETT. HELLO.


what’s also a really nice touch is that cm-pb surprises customers daily with a secret ‘supper of the nite’ which is served nightly just before closing time. n u never know what u’re gonna get n when. it could be bak kut teh, chicken herbal soup or even pasta.

i’m also very very excited about an upcoming new music venue launching later this year. I can’t say more than this but let’s just say, u should start keeping TABs on their progress.

– juicy

cm-pb opening hours:
monday to friday = 11 am – 2 am ( lunch, dinner and live music ) Happy Hour 11 am – 9 pm
saturday & sunday = 9 am – 2 am ( all day breakfast, lunch, dinner and live music ) Happy Hours 9 am – 9 pm

cm-pb details:
block 7even, unit 01-05
dempsey 6ixand7even
tel: 6475 0105

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