Plus One

Another year, another birthday, another milestone and there’s no better way to celebrate it than with a weekend of feasting!

Why do we celebrate the way we do? I did some sniffing around and apparently, the birthday traditions that we’re so familiar with here in sunny Singapore originated in Europe at the time where superstitions were a way of life. The belief then was that people were particularly susceptible to the shenanigans of evil spirits on and around their birthday, to protect them from harm, their family and friends would gather, bringing good thoughts and wishes. Pagan custom or not, birthdays always spell great food and fun for me!

This year, I had the good fortune of starting my year right with a host of celebrations with my nearest and dearest, the year kicked-off with a real old style zhi char dinner at Tong Ah Seafood at Keong Siak Road with juicy, the hubs and some of my oldest friends. I’d say that Tong Ah is really a hidden gem, okay, not that hidden, considering the coffeeshop was packed with happy patrons tucking into the “house specials” – Ribena Pork Ribs, Salted Egg Crab – fusion food, zi char style!

Traditional fusion-style zi char at this Keong Siak Road gem

The next day started with a heartwarming tim sum breakfast at Red Star with the old Edelcrew to celebrate the return of CherleeCherlee from down undah. Red Star never fails to amuse me, the food is very basic, old skool and traditional but I believe the those steaming carts with almost hidden tasty treats are what keep people coming back for more.

You never know which cart is coming around and you keep discovering new and tasty morsels of delight! I must say I missed out on my favourite lotus seed buns this time, but hey, they almost had to roll me out of the restaurant!

The day ended with a good old fashioned roast (and accompanying buffet) with Mom at the Windows at The Bukit at the Singapore Island Country Club. This has been my favourite semi-buffet restaurant like forever and even though my Dad was far away, we kept him updated with to the minute pictures sent via BBM – God Bless Technology!

But I must say the celebration that touched my heart the most was a birthday surprise in the office! I was lured out of the office by a very sneaky and well-meaning #20, for a teh peng from the coffeeshop downstairs and when I returned, I was showed with great food gifts – a caramel chocolate tart made by Deana, a decadent box of handmade artisan Jewels chocolates (an Edelman client) and the cherry on top, Jaime Oliver’s Ministry of Food!

What a great way to mark a plus one, age-wise, let’s hope this good food run continues all year long…

The Edelbirthday Crew!

– delicious

2 Responses to “Plus One”
  1. Miss Glitzy says:

    Hahaha! Your colleagues are quite a gem!

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