Food with Heart: Professor Brawn Cafe

Since it opened at Velocity@Novena Square in October last year, Professor Brawn Cafe has been attracting curious passers-by due to its striking colours and quirky college/insititutional concept. It’s also been drawing a regular lunch and dinner crowd thanks to its super affordable western set meals.

The Hungry Cafe Crowd

But take a closer look and you’ll realise that Professor Brawn doesn’t exist solely to offer delicious food; it also serves a deeper social purpose. The walls of the cafe are lined with scribbles and pictures, including a framed drawing of a dignified-looking man in a suit.

Roland Tay, the main man behind the cafe, explains: ‘I have an autistic son who likes drawing. In one of his classes at Pathlight School (a special school which provides autistic students with mainstream curriculum, he doodled a strong super hero who doubles up as a professor by day;  thus the name ‘Professor Brawn’ was born. He is the inspiration to start this ‘social enterprise’ venture to provide job opportunities to those who need a leg-up in societyand to be able to integrate with other people of varying abilities, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds.’

Professor Brawn, the inspiration

According to Roland, Pathlight School runs a café within the school itself and autistic students get to develop skills around various job functions within a café (baristas, bussing, washing, cashiers). Roland’s Professor Brawn Cafe aims to complement the on-campus programme by providing similar job opportunities to students in the external business environment – when they graduate or as holiday jobs.

But of course, just as important to Roland and his team is serving up delicious and affordable food to customers.

He says, “Our menu meal prices range from $10.90 to $16.90; set meals are charged according to the main meal price but it comes with a soup of the day and a house drink, FOC. Each month we present a selection of 5 set meals to choose from. Soup and side dishes are priced between $3.90 to $8.90; we also serve Set Tea @ $5.90 for a piece of Mrs Brawn’s Irresistible Cake and a cup of Coffee/Tea or soft drink.”

German sausage with rosti

I quite enjoyed the Gourmet German Sausages (6 to choose from) served with Rosti (my favourite, but you can also opt for a side of mash / wedges / fries / spaghetti). Or you could also check out Roland’s recommendations – Prof’s Signature Fish & Chips, Squid Ink Pasta and BBQ Pork Ribs.

Professor Brawn Cafe
238 Thomson Road #02-78/79 Velocity@Novena Square S307683 (Next to Lao Beijing Restaurant)
Tel: 6253 4650

– juicy

Delicious faces detention

One Response to “Food with Heart: Professor Brawn Cafe”
  1. Aini says:

    I use to work there as a part timer cook assisting the chef… it was really fun working there during the holidays. I got to eat a few times there because staff gets a meal once a week at the cafe, so i tired a couple of dishes and my most favorite dish was the fish and chips because it has different herbs in the batter that makes it unique and different from the other ones that i tried before.

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