Home economics

Growing up, there was always a hot, freshly cooked meal waiting for me when I got home. Now that the hubs and I have our very own little nest, I try my best to cook up a little something that’s tasty, healthy and economical at the same time.

I must say, it’s not as easy (or cheap) as it sounds. Time aside, I’ve come to realise that setting a kitchen up is no mean feat. For some reason, I always seem to be short of some ingredient or condiment. This is something I really took for granted when I lived at home. Mom always made sure that the two fridges and the larder were well-stocked with spices, essentials like onions, garlic and ginger as well as an array of Asian and Western sauces.

When I first started cooking for the hubs, I’d plan our meals days in advance, making sure I have a list of the ingredients that I need, keeping to the traditional Peranakan recipes and authentic tastes that I know and love. Nine months on, I’ve taken to planning my meals at the supermarket – I scope the freezers and aisles for “Today’s Special” or fresh seafood/meat that’s been marked down for “Quick Sale” (yes I’m cheap that way – every penny counts!) and then pick up the essentials that will make for a quick, tasty and yet healthy meal!

So, here’s what I came up with one Saturday afternoon after a trip to my neighbourhood Cold Storage:

1) Fresh NZ Mussels Belgian Style – the mussels were on quick sale 🙂

2) Baked salmon seasoned with garlic salt and served with steamed carrots and broccoli

3) Baked pumpkin sprinkled with brown sugar

The result:

A meal that kept us happy, satisfied and cost far less than a dinner at our local Fish & Co. 😉

Do you cook your own meals? What are your home economics secrets?

– delicious

One Response to “Home economics”
  1. Nommer says:

    Saving money is good – eating well is as important

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