Food gifts: the best souvenirs!

Everyone loves a fridge magnet and who can resist those slogan tees with an attitude?

But really, my favourite souvenirs are food gifts – a little something tasty from a faraway land. I can feel my tastebuds tingling just thinking about exotic flavours that give you an insight into the way of life and of course the tastes of a foreign country.

Take the great food souvenirs that my neighbours brought the hubs and I from their recent trip to Japan as an example: They were so simple, yet so distinctively Japanese. I still haven’t figured out what they’re actually called and if they really are traditional but the taste of these goodies remains fresh in my mind.

The first food gift was a no-brainer – Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll stamped doraiyaki-esque snacks from Sanrio Puroland.

Another plus for this food gift – they were irresistably cute in a truly Japanese. Our neighbours must have guessed that this would appeal to us from the number of Medicom toys we have in our living room…

As cliche as it sounds, it was truly love at first bite. The pastry was nice, soft and not too thick while the red bean filling had the right consistency and sweetness. No prizes for guessing who finished half the box in under 10 minutes! 😛

The second food gift was a little intriguing… wrapped up in a traditional Japanese bundle, we had no idea what this was and if it was really a snack at all!

So, we carefully unwrapped it and true to Japanese packaging, we were blown away by their attention to detail and commitment to quality. (yes, the hubs and I get a little geeky when it comes to packaging)

This snack truly intrigued us, from the little sauce bottle on the top to what appeared to be finely ground peanut powder. What was this little Japanese wonder? Was it savoury? Was it sweet? Was that soya sauce?

Being the more adventurous one when it comes to food, the hubs boldly took the next step, carefully dotting the sauce onto the peanut powder and giving it a swirl. We then discovered that this was a mochi-like snack (Japanese readers and those in the know, kindly indulge us!) that thrills tastebuds with an assortment of textures: the bittersweet black sauce, the plain powder and of course the gooey richness of what appeared to be a glutinous rice based paste – AMAZING.

So yes, the next time you’re travelling and trying to find that perfect souvenir for your buddies back home, consider a food gift. I know I’d really appreciate it!

– delicious

3 Responses to “Food gifts: the best souvenirs!”
  1. mike says:

    looiks great:) i love food gifts!!

  2. Daphne Maia says:


  3. Rue says:

    Can you advise which stores to go to buy these foodie gifts please?

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