I have tasted summer and it is exquisite.

As Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is an Edelman* client, we had the pleasure of attending the media launch of Asia’s Dining Destination: a year-long campaign where UOB cardholders can enjoy great dining perks at MBS.

The launch event was held at Guy Savoy and we had an opportunity to preview some of the dishes from his summer menu.  Known for his clean flavours, I must say the dishes from the summer menu are exquisite.  Here are some of the key highlights:

The first dish that caught my eye and tickled my palate was the light and refreshing “Myriad of Peas” whipped up by Executive Chef Eric Bost; and trust me, it tastes as good as it looks.

A oozy egg yolk sitting on a puddle of pea gelée topped with fresh peas – totally thrilling!

According to Chef Guy, tomatoes always signal the start of summer in France and what’s a summer menu without the freshest heirloom tomatoes which feature prominently alongside a tomato tartlette topped off with a surprising Seaweed-Lemon Granite (shaved ice with seaweed and lemon).

A perfect partnership of flavours.

And here’s the dish that will really impress your date (if she’s anything like me and has an insatiable sweet tooth!), the Chocolate Orb “Exotique”.  It’s a dessert like no other.  When it’s first served, it looks like an ordinary chocolate orb, but no…

The service staff pour on a warm mango sauce to unveil a passionfruit sorbet with aloe vera bits.  This sweet treat truly hits the spot and leaves you with that warm, fuzzy, decadent feeling that summer brings. (Pardon the blurry pix – we got too excited!)

So yes, if you’ve got your mid-year bonus in hand, it might be time to bring that someone special to Guy Savoy for a taste of the delights from their summer menu – just remember to dress up, please!  The ever-charming Georges Tov revealed that some of the patrons just don’t dress up for the fine-dining experience – so please respect the Chef and your fellow diners and come in your spiffiest togs… no scruffy t-shirts please!

– delicious

*Juicy and Delicious work for Edelman but the views expressed here are our own.

2 Responses to “I have tasted summer and it is exquisite.”
  1. I saw that pea recipe with the pea film on Australia’s Masterchef. It was sort of bizarre. The egg looked great but then I am a sucker for poached eggs.

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