a tribute to bacon

today is international bacon day and there was no way we were going to let this day pass without paying tribute to one of our favourite meats. a trusty friend who has nursed us through many hangovers, with a familiar salty and fatty flavour guaranteed to awaken the dullest palettes.

bacon has become synonymous with the concept of a hearty american breakfast platter – streaky bacon deep-fried ’til crisp, served alongside sausages, eggs, toast and tomatoes. but there are many other ways to enjoy bacon – here are some of my bacon experiences that have stood out along the way.

1. bacon avacado with toasted sourdough: pimlico fresh, london

bacon with avocado on sourdough toast

pimlico fresh was without a doubt one of my favourite brunch places during my six months in london. it’s a cosy cafe situated in a charming neighbourhood (pimlico) and at an affordable price, you get really good food, fresh ingredients and quality monmouth coffee.

the bacon and avocado on sourdough toast is my favourite dish there – it’s thoroughly satisfying because of the complementary combination of the salty bacon, the sour avocado with lime, which is almost a puree, and the natural sweetness of the toast.  and further to that, the variety of textures you get with every mouthful is wonderful.

a great breakfast treat which doesn’t feel exceptionally sinful because of the avocado – here’s a recipe you can try at home.

2. bacon banana chilli pancake, pancakes! amsterdam


amsterdam is THE pancake playground of the world in my opinion. their most famous pancake outlets are often two-storey mega-restaurants and the menus are extensive. you get the standard pancakes, indian pancakes (with curries), pancake pies, savoury pancakes with guacamole, the works.

so when i walked into pancakes! amsterdam i knew i wasn’t going to be a wuss and order the usual with maple syrup. heaven forbid. i was going to go all out, so i ordered the bacon banana chilli pancake. it taste exactly like you would imagine, but better. like chilli chocolate, the spiciness only kicks in with the after-taste which is, for lack of a better description, SHIOK.

i’ve since tried looking for recipes online but sadly, haven’t been able to find anything remotely similar!

3. bacon-infused bourbon shooters, maker’s mark

james merkel, mixologist for beam global asia, has developed bacon-infused bourbon shooter recipes that pair the rich flavours of whiskey with bacon. this is called a win-win scenario.

beautiful pairings

the bacon infused bourbon: this is the baseline ‘chicken stock’ equivalent that you can use to create a variety of shooters.

what you need:

  • 2 packs of bacon (maple smoked bourbon apparently blends well with bourbon)
  • 1 750ml bottle of bourbon e.g. maker’s mark
  • 1 wide mouth jar
  • non-stick frying pan
  • ¼ tablespoon oil


  • add ¼ tablespoon oil to a non-stick pan. fry bacon on low heat and in batches
  • collect the oil from every batch & wipe the pan clean with kitchen tissue. be sure to remove burnt pieces in the pan
  • set the oil aside & let it cool down to room temperature. you should render around 250-300ml of bacon fat with 2 packs of bacon
  • strain the oil into a wide mouth jar. add 750ml bourbon
  • seal/close the jar tightly and shake for 10-20 seconds
  • place the mixture inside the freezer to marry the flavours. depending on how savoury the bacon is, leave mixture in freezer for between 2 to 3 days

harvesting the infused bourbon:

  • a layer of frozen fat will settle on top of the bourbon. break the frozen fat layer with a sharp knife, being careful not to break them into small pieces, remove and discard
  • strain the bourbon into another container. strain the liquid again with a coffee strainer
  • pour it back in a clearly labelled bottle
  • refrigerate when it’s not being consumed

the shooter recipes

once your bacon-infused bourbon is harvested, you’re ready to create your bacon-bourbon shooters. james has created quite a few mouth-watering shooter recipes, but here are the top 3 that really caught my attention.

le bacon pizza (makes 2 shots)

  • 30ml bacon Infused bourbon
  • 30ml tomato juice
  • dash of Italian spice
  • method: shake and strain into shot glasses. garnish with mini pizza slice (wrap with melted mozzarella cheese)

chocolate cherry bacon

  • 15ml bacon infused bourbon
  • 15ml bols cacao brown
  • 15ml bols cherry brandy
  • method: shake and strain into shot glasses. garnish with chocolate covered bacon slice

blueberry pancake

  • 15ml bacon infused bourbon
  • 10ml bols blueberry
  • 10ml bols advocaat
  • 3 fresh blueberries
  • dash of maple syrup (1 to 1)
  • method: shake and strain into shot glasses. garnish with mini pancake

– juicy

One Response to “a tribute to bacon”
  1. cherbie says:

    YUM! i LOVE bacon, too! the bacon pancake sounds like something i can actually try soon.
    two simple bacon bits
    1) maple syrup or any kinda sweet, caramelized syrup also goes super well with bacon.
    2) bacon wrapped asparagus (or any kinda vegetables), baked in the oven is a sure hors d’oeuvre winner at a dinner party!

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