Going Bananas in Bangsar

Travelling for work can get tiring but I must say, the silver lining really is connecting with colleagues from the local office and being treated to great meals!

This week, I spent a couple of days in Kuala Lumpur and was treated to a  Banana Leaf meal at Sri Nirwana Maju in the hip, hop and happening Bangsar district. My family loves Indian food and I’m no stranger to eating off banana leaves but I must say, this meal was truly superb.

The menu is extensive and the side dishes were out of this world! Unlike the unidentifiable slop that we’re used to having at the Race Course Road outlets in Singapore, the side dishes- fresh cucumbers in a yoghurt sauce, spiced snake gourd and the battered okra look like they’re freshly made and still maintain their crunch! The deep fried okra was my favourite, slathered with a fire engine red batter (non-spicy) and fried to perfection, minus the stale, oily aftertaste. I’d be happy to inhale a whole bucket in one sitting!

Even though this was a humble coffeeshop and we sat at a table outside, on the walkway, the service was excellent. The servers spoke good English (a rarity at Singapore establishments these days) and were friendly and knowledgeable.  The cherry on top was the fact that they took great care when serving the dishes and resisted drowning our rice with the curries!

My Banana Leaf runneth over

Oh the curries, there was not one, not two but four gravy options – spinach curry, dahl, chicken and fish. Never one to lose out, I had two gravies showered on my rice, dahl and spinach curry, followed by a good dose of spicy rasam!  I haven’t even talked about the main dishes yet but to be really honest, I was so thrilled by the whole experience that it didn’t matter – it was a totally rockin’ meal!

Trust me, if you’re ever in KL, make a trip to Nirwana for a Banana Leaf experience like no other!

Papadums, masala chicken and fish cutlets, anyone?

Sri Nirwana Maju 43 Jalan Telawi Tiga,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.131014,101.670892
Tel: 03-2287 8445

– delicious

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