Where everybody knows your name

It’s been four months since I’ve moved to Beijing and I’ve been really lucky to have been introduced to a great bunch of like-minded transient souls who like to keep their bellies full and tastebuds thrilled!

Every weekend is an opportunity for a new food experience. Messages fly frantically on our WeChat group as we decide which Beijing delights to sample, be it izakaya at Nanluoguxiang, Sichuan spice dishes at Zhang Mama‘s that would make the Devil himself weep; the wonders of MSG-laden hotpot at Haidilao (I still insist steamboat is a better name) or the ever-elusive, yet highly coveted Lamb Spine hotpot.

But one thing remains the same, we usually start the weekend off with a tipple (or 7) at Ming Bar. Ming’s is a little hole in the wall that’s off the infamous Sanlitun Bar Street.


If it says so in brass, it must be true

One of Beijing’s newest speakeasies, it’s a Members Only bar that’s run by mixologist Xiao Ming who also owns the popular Revolution.  Unlike its more raunchy siblings along The SLT Strip, it’s a quaint, quiet, vintage-style nook where you don’t have to worry about being hit with a fake alcohol hangover the next day.



Even though there are only 8 seats at the bar, Ming’s is as good as it gets – tasty cocktails served up by the man himself or by Emily and Sarah, demure lasses who sure can shake up a storm.


Old-fashioned goodness

While the Beijing crew are partial to the Mules, Negronis and the Scotch Old-Fashioneds, I prefer to challenge the ladies by picking the ingredients to go into my brew.  Thus far I’ve tried Elderflower liquer, Pimm’s, Midori as well as a whiskey or two and I haven’t been disappointed, they get it right every time.

I think we’ve found our Cheers and yes, Deez gets to be Dr Frasier Crane.



– delicious

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