a tribute to bacon

today is international bacon day and there was no way we were going to let this day pass without paying tribute to one of our favourite meats. a trusty friend who has nursed us through many hangovers, with a familiar salty and fatty flavour guaranteed to awaken the dullest palettes. bacon has become synonymous with the concept of a hearty … Continue reading

juicyndelicious TV episode 14: DIY nutella banana wonton

love banana? love nutella? check out our latest DIY episode to find out how you can enjoy both snacks in a very easy-to-make, absolutely delightful n sinful crispy pocket-sized won ton not for the faint-hearted!

Juicy & Delicious TV Episode 9: DIY Irish Coffee with Keith

Some people love whiskey. Most people love coffee. I know I’m a fan of both! In this episode of J&D TV, our tummyrub Keith M. shows us how you can have the best of both worlds in your very own special brewed glass of Irish Coffee. As we learnt, it’s SO easy to do you … Continue reading

tea time: an interview with the ultimate tea lover

in this episode, juicy speaks with tea fanatic pei fen on her love affair with this comfort beverage, n how you can enjoy a nice cuppa self-brewed tea at home.

best of both worlds

have u ever wondered what ur favourite junk foods would taste like… together? we test this very theory with two of our personal faves – tom yam pot noodles and peanut butter. are you grossed out yet? find out how it turns out and if anyone gets hurt, in this week’s episode of juicyndelicious TV. … Continue reading