a tribute to bacon

today is international bacon day and there was no way we were going to let this day pass without paying tribute to one of our favourite meats. a trusty friend who has nursed us through many hangovers, with a familiar salty and fatty flavour guaranteed to awaken the dullest palettes. bacon has become synonymous with the concept of a hearty … Continue reading

Soul Food

When you’ve had a really rough day and nothing seems to be going your way, there’s nothing like a HUGE slice of chocolate fudge cake to make everything right again! That said, you also wanna make sure that that slice of cake is worth the calories – there’s nothing more disappointing than a biting into … Continue reading

the most important meal of the day

When I was a child, my grandma used to insist that I have breakfast everyday, no matter how early or how grumpy I was. My earliest memory of breakfast was probably when I was about 4 – dipping toast into a warm and comforting mixture of runny half-boiled eggs and dark soya sauce, accompanied by … Continue reading

the pet taste test

you know how some people say that children are the best critics ‘cos they don’t mince their words. similarly, pets can sometimes offer a rather credible perspective when it comes to food. for example juicy’s sister sara quite likes the lemon meringue from aerin’s, but our pet cat sky captain joe aka joe seems to … Continue reading

love from overseas

i absolutely love friends who travel n bring back my fave grubs from overseas. a sure way to get into that special place in my heart! here are the two most recent. from leander’s travels in jakarta: a PAPERBAG full of packets of the original instant indo mi goreng. in essence it’s v similar to … Continue reading