all you need is…

…love, food and time. apparently these are the top three words that i have tweeted in the past month, according to my tweet cloud. funny how words like ‘breakfast’ and ‘noodles’ seem to pop out too! how apt isn’t it? someone said that if you combine my three words into one sentence it goes ‘juicy … Continue reading

i am in love…

… with this site called the oatmeal by artist and web designer matthew inman. it features hilarious, beautifully-illustrated comic strips and quizzes created by matthew himself on day-to-day topics like ‘the 5 stages of caffeine intake’  n ‘6 reasons bacon is better than true love’ to the most ridiculous ones like ‘8 ways to tell if … Continue reading


delicious n i were really excited when ming suggested doing a juicy & delicious special as part of his yawn series. we were more than happy to be part of this cool project, n only asked for one favour in return – for ming to take some fun shots of us at well. i have … Continue reading

the $20 cherry tomato dare

juicy’s sister dared her to eat an entire cherry tomato – one of juicy’s top 5 most dreaded things to eat. it wasn’t worth the $20.

juicyndelicious workout tip #4: playing fetch with chrissy the doggeh

chrissy the doggeh loves playing fetch but doesn’t get the concept that she has to give the ball back to u before u can go on to the next round. juicy had a total workout just trying to extract the ball from chrissy’s mouth!