The Best Meal of 2009

2009 has been a year of feasting for juicy and I, so in the spirit of our “Last Supper” clips, we asked some of our Tummyrubs what their best meal of 2009 was… and what do you know, we got a mismash of food experiences from Singapore and beyond. As I suspected, it’s not just … Continue reading

Juicyndelicious Last Supper Episode #2: Merdeka Special

selamat hari merdeka to all our malaysian friends! fact: delicious and i both have a special place in our hearts for malaysia. my dad was born in kluang, johor and as for del, well… she was made in genting! so to celebrate merdeka week, we asked our favourite malaysian tummyrubs – (L-R) natasha, kim and … Continue reading

juicyndelicious last supper episode 1: featuring the girls gone wild gang

inspired by melanie dunea’s amazing photo exhibition my last supper featuring chefs all around the world, we felt this game could be just as fun for the man on the street. you don’t need to be a world-class chef to know what is comfort food to you, and what you’d pick as your very last … Continue reading