Goodbye and Hello!

It’s a sad, sad day when you discover that a stall that you’ve patronised since childhood is no longer there. I experienced one of those sad days when I realised that my all-time favourite Nonya Kueh stall in Katong had disappeared. Matilda’s Nonya Kueh, manned by Uncle Harry and Auntie Christine is now no more. … Continue reading

Wish me luck!

Today, delicious embarks on a whole new culinary adventure – COOKING FOR THE HUBS. What’s the big deal? Well, there is quite a bit at stake!  Since we’re both foodies and I come from a long line of outstanding Peranakan cooks, I’m under pressure to make sure that the one-dish meal that I have in mind is … Continue reading

Peramakan – sedap ke?

Here’s a long overdue entry from the juicy & delicious adventure to del’s all-time favourite restaurant, Peramakan.   Owned and operated by Kelvin Lee and his lovely wife Kathryn, Peramakan started out as a dinky little restaurant in Joo Chiat that served up home-cooked Nonya cuisine prepared with lots of spices and a whole lotta love, … Continue reading