juicyndelicious workout tip #4: playing fetch with chrissy the doggeh

chrissy the doggeh loves playing fetch but doesn’t get the concept that she has to give the ball back to u before u can go on to the next round. juicy had a total workout just trying to extract the ball from chrissy’s mouth!

juicyndelicious workout tip #3: the imaginary hula

too cute, too funny… a workout in itself without the hassle of space that a hula hoop takes up!

juicyndelicious workout tip #2

following our last workout tip which focused very much on the lower body, juicy decided to demonstrate an easy-to-do upper body tip you can try anywhere. indoor boxing, quite literally. all u need is a coupla tissue boxes (or any other box for that matter), and a random punching bag (human or inanimate based on … Continue reading

juicy n delicious workout tip #1

the biggest challenge for people who love and enjoy their food is how to keep the pounds off in the process. we know not everyone has the physical finesse (nor motivation) of a pilates instructor, professional bollywood dancer or a unicyclist, but here’s a very simple move you can replicate at home, at work or … Continue reading