We want you!


juicy & delicious need your help for our next few projects. so please share with us those must-try recommendations, from the bottom of your bellies! tell us, what should we feature next?

16 Responses to “We want you!”
  1. mke w says:

    hey guys! love your blog!

    I don’t have an answer to either of your questions but when you mentioned liqueur, I thought about advocaat. Don’t know why, and I haven’t had it in a double dog’s age but it’s worth the search. Track it down and try a snowball! (Might even be good with fruitcake…)


  2. Hey mike thanks for stopping by! Have to say I’ve never tried advocaat but m curious now. Do u get fruitcake in korea? With shochu maybe??

  3. Eleanor says:

    Hi Del,
    It’s a Marks and Spencers fruitcake for us each year and about 3 rich fruitcakes just for the 2 of us for the season.
    Had 1 cake in london two weeks ago and looking for them here in Bangkok, were told stocks have not arrived….craving….

    • delicious says:

      Hi Eleanor, yum! I remember being very upset at my mom when she threw out the M&S Fruitcake I’d kept in deep freeze!
      sounds like juicyndelicious need to stake the local M&S out as well!

      • Eleanor says:

        Will get you an M&S fruitcake when I am back for christmas….any christmas puddings to go with it? Don’t forget your mums fruitcake as well t’is a bit dry but over-all it’s nice!!! I do have some left-overs in the fridge wrapped up in silver foil, that reminds me that I should take it out to eat….

  4. delicious says:

    Thanks Eleanor! I have a fruit cake sitting at the back of my fridge. It looks thirsty, think it needs some whiskey!

  5. Chelley says:

    The fruit cake from Lana Cake shop is pretty good, babes.

  6. vanessa says:

    going to be cheeky. i would the best fruit cake would be my godmother’s. she always bakes a huge batch for Christmas and everyone gets their own.
    but too bad, she’s in Vancouver this year, so i won’t get to try it.

    hmm…she’ll be back for CNY though…so if she bakes up a storm then, i’ll pop you J’s place and pass her some ya?

    ps. LOVE what you girls are doing. makes me hungry all the time! 😉

  7. Drew says:

    I just had an awesome hot dog meal at Clarke Quay last night (nowhere to sit and eat at Twestival!). It came with amazing fries, a fat sausage, and a big mug of beer!

    You guys should look it up!

  8. The only thing that is relevant is that Gears of war 3 begins in just over a week

  9. Hi JuicynDelicious!

    Awesome food blog you guys got there! Please do a dropby at my website to take a look at my various posts. And in fact, as you mentioned what food you guys should feature next! Well… I suggest for more street local food. To me, it’s like an adventure. To spot those good hidden local food.
    Hope to hear from you guys soon!


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